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Twilight Tracer
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Twilight Tracer

Don’t lose your golf ball as well as your temper!

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    ‘Golf is a good walk spoiled’ opined Mark Twain once upon a time. That’s as maybe, but you can bet your titanium-coated sand wedge that the old curmudgeon wasn’t whacking a Twilight Tracer golf ball when he said it.

    This amazing ‘light-up’ golf ball is the brightest thing to hit the fairway since Tiger Woods’ dazzling dentistry, and is sure to save you money and man-hours as it’s almost impossible to lose sight of.

    Basically, Twilight Tracer is a pro-quality golf ball (conforms with U.S.G.A. and R&A rules) that flashes brightly upon impact, allowing you to see exactly where it’s headed – great news for golfers who always need to look where they hook.

    Its ingenious inner-core contains circuitry, a lithium battery and 2 red LEDs that are programmed to flash at a rate of 7.2 flashes per second for a duration of 5-6 minutes, giving you approximately 1000 strikes of the ball.

    The LEDs are motion activated by either striking the ball or dropping it.

    Technical stuff, but this means you can follow the ball’s trajectory from the moment it leaves the tee through to its final destination - which in our case, is usually about 3ft away.

    The clue’s in the name and it goes without saying that the Twilight Tracer is great for walloping at dusk, but it’s also incredibly handy on cloudy days. We took one to our less than lavish local course and even we couldn’t lose the darn thing. It’s like watching an intercontinental ballistic golf ball soaring across the sky! What’s more, cheating becomes phenomenally difficult, as opponents can see precisely where you’re headed.

    Each Twilight Tracer comes complete with a nifty ball pouch and 2 quality tees. Now, for the love of Tarby, if only we could hit the pesky critter.

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