Twilight Supernova
  • Twilight Supernova

Twilight Supernova

Did you see that shot?

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    how it works

    Lights up for 8 minutes after contact

    Like its less advanced cousin the Twilight Tracer, the Twilight Supernova is a professional-quality golf ball that lets you play the game even in poor light conditions. Because this stunning little number actually features built-in impact-activated LEDs. Just thwack it off the tee (or chip it out of a bunker) and it’ll light up for as long as 8 minutes – more than enough time to see where it goes.

    What’s more, even when the LEDs have switched off the Supernova’s patented After-Glow technology ensures the ball will continue to glow brightly for several hours. So even if you send it deep into the rough, there’s still a good chance you’ll find it (sorry).

    Twilight Supernova

    Includes 3 colours:
    blue, green & white

    But surely all of this technology has an effect on the ball itself? Well no, actually. The Twilight Supernova conforms to all the USGA and R&A rules, and has been designed with high performance aerodynamics for incredible control, accuracy, feel and distance.

    In fact, with a battery life of around 40 hours (or 300 hits) the Supernova makes an ideal ball for all light conditions. It’s the perfect bit of kit for playing late into the day (and even into the night).

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