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Twiggy Snowman Christmas Bauble
  • Twiggy Snowman Christmas Bauble

Twiggy Snowman Christmas Bauble

Gaudy balls? No thanks!

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    putting decoration a tree

    A simply stylish addition to your tree

    When we first heard about the Twiggy Snowman Christmas bauble we had visions of some festive tribute to an unholy union between Jack Frost and the gamine 60s supermodel. But no, this is actually an incredibly stylish decoration that’s guaranteed to add a touch of class to any Christmas tree.

    Crafted in bone china, no two Twiggy Snowmen are the same because they feature real twigs as arms. If this quality bauble doesn’t melt your heart we can only assume you’re sitting there counting your pennies as you prepare to slash Bob Cratchit’s bonus. Bah!

    Yes, we realise it looks a bit like a light bulb with arms but if you’re a collector of stylish monochrome decorations or just looking for a special bauble to take pride of place on your tree, look no further. All together now, ‘We’re walking in the air…’

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