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Tusken Raider Vintage Kenner 12" Action Figure
  • Tusken Raider Vintage Kenner 12" Action Figure

Tusken Raider Vintage Kenner 12" Action Figure

Enter sandman

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    Limited edition figure

    Back in the 70s real Star Wars geeks didn’t just collect the main action figure characters, they collected all of ‘em. And best of the rest was undoubtedly the Tusken Raider. Sadly, like all the other figures he was a mere 3 ¾” tall. But not any more because ol’ bandage features is back and bigger than ever in the awesome shape of this Tusken Raider Vintage Kenner Action Figure.

    Modelled on the first ever Tusken Raider action figure from 1978, this sand-blowingly evocative, limited edition plaything measures a satisfyingly lofty 12”. Gnurr! Gnurrrr! Created using digital scans of the classic mini figure, he’s correct in every detail, right down to his bandaged head, lethal gaffi stick and authentic, erm, vinyl cape.

    But it’s not all about the actual figure because this nomadic nutcase’s replica packaging boasts original artwork/photos and a resealable plastic clamshell that allows you to display him in all his retro-boxed glory. The only thing missing is a whacking great expanse of sand, but that’s what the sandpit down the park’s for isn’t it. ‘Mummy, why’s that big man playing with an ugly beige Action Man?’ Graarggghh!

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