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Turn Me On Underwear

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    Turn Me On Underwear

    The Bullet

    We never thought we'd find ourselves selling remote controlled vibrating knickers. Then again we never thought the world of super hi-tech gadgetry would collide with the world of sexy undies. But it has - in the stupendously saucy shape of Turn Me on Underwear.

    Turn Me On Underwear

    Make sure they're on tight!

    These incredibly sexy lace and silk ribbon knicks might look like regular panties (is it getting hot in here, or what?) but they actually conceal a smart little vibrating bullet that can be controlled wirelessly via a discreet handheld unit. This means that you or your partner can control the *ahem* action from up to 15ft away. Ding dong!

    Turn Me On Underwear


    The sleek little remote features a glow-in-the-dark LCD screen so you can switch between the bullet's various vibrating modes (pulse, escalation, etc) without having to put your hand down your pants. Which is handy.

    Flying solo is fun but if your partner is controlling the party in your pants the possibilities are endless. You could be perusing the tinned goods in the supermarket, standing at the bar in your local, boogie-ing on down in a nightclub or conducting an international seminar on the effect of daft gadgetry on modern society (well you never know). The point is Turn Me on Underwear can be used anytime, anyplace and only you and your partner will be any the wiser.

    Turn Me On Underwear

    Make sure you have fully charged batteries!

    A fabulously frisky gift for naughty fun-lovers everywhere, these undulating undergarments are ideal for single girls or ladies who require a little oomph in the downstairs department every now and then. And before you ask, yes, they do look ridiculous on men. So we hear.

    Turn Me On Underwear

    Remote controller

    Bringing a whole new meaning to the term sexy undies, Turn Me on Underwear is destined to become the lingerie of choice for mischievous ladies everywhere, so hurry up and get ordering. Must rush...we're off for a cold shower.

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