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Turkey Mug

"We were on a tea break!"



Expected in stock: 30th Nov, 2018

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Turkey Mug
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  • The One Where You Buy a Mug From Firebox.com
  • Pay tribute to one of Friends’ finest moments
  • A much better apology gift than sticking a real turkey on your head
  • Holds the standard amount of liquid that a mug should
  • Complete with detachable fez lid! We thought of everything


Finally, a mug to make a man say ‘You’re so great, I love you!’ and then rapidly backtrack.

Based on the iconic episode ‘The One With All The Thanksgivings’, this lovely mug is an ideal gift for Friends fans. And people who haven’t seen Friends but who can still appreciate the humour of a turkey in a fez with sunglasses.

Just please don’t try to stick your head in it. It’s a standard mug size, it’s not gonna work.

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