Turbospoke Bike Exhaust System
  • Turbospoke Bike Exhaust System

Turbospoke Bike Exhaust System


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    changing cards over

    Select your engine sound by changing the spoke card

    Turn your pedal power into horsepower – or at least the sound of it – with the Turbospoke Bike Exhaust System. Looking like the meaty exhaust from a motorcross bike, the Turbospoke creates realistic engine sounds as you ride along.

    No batteries or complex electronics are involved. The Turbospoke attaches to most bike frames using a universal mount and lets you choose one of three sound cards for different engine notes. This flexible sound card connects with each of your spokes as the rear wheel spins, creating a clattering effect that’s magnified and channelled through the exhaust-shaped tube. So as you change pace from slow to fast, the sound will change. Vroom-vroooooom!


    Fits to 95% of all bikes

    The Turbospoke comes with a collection of stickers for customising your bike; and a complete toolkit for attaching the Turbospoke in just 5 minutes. Perfect for roaring around the local park and letting pedestrians know you’re coming.

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