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Turboflame Lighter

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    Fire is fascinating, isn't it? We could stare at the orangey wobbly stuff for hours. In fact we reckon it's probably our favourite classical element. As Beavis and Butthead used to say, 'Fire rules!' But aside from its mesmerizing aesthetic qualities fire is also rather handy, especially when it comes to lighting things; a screamingly obvious fact, but, judging by the amount of times we're caught short without matches or a lighter, one which few of us seem to pay any attention to.

    Maybe that's because lighting things with traditional lighters isn't always as easy as it seems. After all, bog standard lighters are all well and good but they don't really cut the mustard when it's windy. Most of them produce wimpy flames that need to be hand-cupped to stop them blowing out.

    Turboflame That's why we were seriously impressed when we first witnessed the powerful Turboflame doing its thing. This chic little portable fire source (okay, so it's a lighter) is an essential piece of kit for anyone who likes to have instantaneous access to a roaring jet of fire. And that means everyone!

    Turboflame Resembling something Ripley might use to incinerate aliens (if she was 6 inches tall) the Turboflame produces a powerful 1300°c jet of blue fire that is practically impervious to wind. Think exhaust-pipe of the Batmobile mixed with a blowtorch! Measuring just over 7cm high including its handy safety cap, the Turboflame is small enough to fit on a key ring, and its roaring jet can be locked for continuous use, making it ideal for lighting fires, candles, barbecues or even giving your mini brûlées a quick blast.

    Turboflame Refillable using standard lighter gas, the macho-looking Turboflame is built to last and is guaranteed to elicit gasps of amazement from light-cadgers and casual onlookers alike. More than that, it's got hundreds of uses around the home, garden, workshop and campsite. Got a light mate? No, I've got a Turboflame!

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