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Turbo Giant Wheel - 25% off

    Turbo Giant Wheel - 25% off

    The Tasmanian devil of R/C vehicles

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      Firebox UK Exclusive!

      There are certain things in life that are so phenomenally fast, furious and manic, they make you want to giggle in sheer amazement: YodaÂ’s lightsaber scrap with old whatsisname, Murray WalkerÂ’s commentary, The Ace of Spades by Motorhead, and now, the frenzied R/C shenanigans of the Turbo Giant Wheel.

      This incredibly mental R/C vehicle is so amazingly hyper it quite literally bounces off the walls. With its mean styling, sleek black and chrome finish and enormous wheels, Turbo Giant Wheel looks as if it has just escaped from a particularly surreal Japanese cartoon.

      But looks can be deceptive, because once this nifty beast hits the floor it becomes a twisting, whirling dervish, capable of performing more pirouettes per second than a wired Wayne Sleep.

      YouÂ’d be forgiven for thinking that this weird and wonderful 7-wheel monster was powered by pure 100% caffeine. But no, a compact 9.6V rechargeable Ni-Cd battery pack is all thatÂ’s required to energise it.

      Turbo Giant Wheel You control the action via a simple 2-lever/single button handheld R/C unit. Sounds easy? Well itÂ’s not, because getting Turbo Giant Wheel to really strut its stuff takes delicate hand/eye co-ordination and a fair bit of practice.

      Of course, for maximum mayhem the more impatient driver may wish to throw caution to the wind and press, toggle and flick every control at once. We did and the results were dizzying – like watching Robin Cousins on Pro Plus. Turbo Giant Wheel is quite literally a revolutionary R/C vehicle with a twist, and will provide endless hours of fun!

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