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Tummy Tub

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    Using the Tummy Tub

    A safe wash!
    (Only green version is available)

    Whether we’ve been freezing in bed, wracked with grief or just kicked in the jimmies, we’ve all ended up in the foetal position at some point. Why? Because it’s comforting, it’s warm, and it makes us feel safe. And that’s why the Tummy Tub makes such a brilliant way to bathe your baby.

    This clever design lets your baby sit comfortably in the foetal position when your pop them in, and prevents them from sliding around. Combined with the warm water – which you can safely top up all the way to their shoulders – this naturally calms and reassures your little one as you give them a wash.

    The bowl itself is extremely stable and has an anti-skid base. The large lip around the edge makes sure all the edges are smooth and makes it extremely easy to carry, even when it’s full. And thanks to the upright shape it’s much easier to store than a typical baby bath. Most importantly though; if you squint, it looks like your baby is having a bath in a teacup. Which never stops being cute.

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