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A case of complete genius

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    NEW Graffalo Trunki

    NEW: Gruffalo Trunki

    Wandering around airports with tantrum-chucking little ones in tow is enough to put you off going on holiday in the first place. So thank heavens for Trunki, the revolutionary ride-on suitcase for kids.

    Colourful, fun and super-stable, Trunki features integrated wheels, steering 'horn' grips and a contoured saddle allowing kids to safely ride their luggage through the terminal. And if they tire of yee-hah-ing around duty free they can take Trunki for walkies using its sturdy towing strap. Genius!

    Case open and empty Packing the case Having a ride

    Lots of space for the toys

    Make sure teddy is comfortable

    Take Trixie for a ride!

    Towing the child

    Keep your kids in tow

    As well as its supreme ride-ability, this award-winning case features secure catches, soft rubber rims to prevent little fingers getting caught when reaching for books, games and clothes, and a secret compartment for sweets and treats.

    Despite its generous 18L capacity you needn't worry about waving bye-bye to Trunki at check-in because it's hand luggage approved. This means kids can enjoy the thrill of carrying/riding their very own case from check-in to boarding. They can also relax on Trunki, laughing, pointing and blowing raspberries when your luggage fails to turn up at the other end. (Insert your own T5 joke here).

    Made from the same durable plastic as grown-up cases, Trunki weighs in at a mere 1.7kg, so assuming teddy isn't made of lead pulling it along is a breeze, even for youngsters. And when the old 'I'm tired now' refrain kicks in, simply tell 'em the last one to the departure gate is a rotten egg and has to eat airline food for a month.

    3 designs available

    (From L-R): Gruffalo, Trixie and Terrance

    Available in several characterful colour schemes (blue, pink and special firebox orange with tiger stripes) Trunki is the perfect size for children aged around 3-6. And before you ask, no, it doesn't come in adult sizes. Bah!

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