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    Gold version!

    Gold version!

    We hate blowing our own trumpet. That said we’re more than happy to shove our iPhone/iPod in one. Well, in a manner of speaking, because the truly astounding Trumstand has a solid metal horn speaker fitted to its base. Retro-modern-tastic!

    Weighing in at a hefty 4.3kg the Trumstand’s curvaceous 0.5mm hand-crafted horn is crafted in brass and plated with nikel or gold powder, giving it the look of an antique gramophone. Even the base is made from a machined block of aluminium. Impressive, yes. Cheap, no. This is serious audiophile stuff, dear reader.

    iPhone in the dock

    iPhone docked

    ‘But how does it sound?’ we hear you ask as you twang your braces and finger your touchscreen in anachronistic excitement. Well you won’t find any woofers or tweeters in the Trumstand because just like an antique gramophone the sound is generated purely from resonance created by the trumpety shape of the horn. Yes, there is a power cord but that’s only there to charge your gizmo when it’s docked. The sonic result? Amazingly vivid aural ambrosia with a hint of old-school gramophone warmth (and we mean that in a good way).

    Granted, shoving your beloved Apple in a device reliant on such vintage technology is a bit like hooking your plasma up to a paraffin stove, but you really can’t argue with the results. Besides, the Trumstand is a visually stunning addition to any room, especially if you’re going for that H.G. Wellsian retro-modern vibe. So what are you waiting for? Love music? Get the horn!

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