Trudeau Recipe Cocktail Shaker
  • Trudeau Recipe Cocktail Shaker

Trudeau Recipe Cocktail Shaker

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    Shaken... not stirred!

    Stick two minty sprigs up to your local cocktail bar and use the Trudeau Recipe Cocktail Shaker to mix 8 classic cocktails in your own home. Or more than 8, if your repertoire allows it. But for novices and forgetful barmen alike, the shaker is engraved with 8 classic cocktail recipes.

    Simply rotate the stylish green sleeve to your cocktail of choice and it’ll list the ingredients you’ll need and even suggest a garnish and serving glass. With the other recipes on the shaker helpfully blanked out, you can’t possibly go wrong.

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    What do I need for a Tequila Sunrise?

    Not that your guests need to know that, of course. Throw the ingredients into the mix and give the whole lot a shake. Soon you’ll be dishing out drinks with all the confidence of an experienced mixologist. ‘Of course, I learned this from Hemmingway...’

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