Trudeau Mojito Muddler
  • Trudeau Mojito Muddler

Trudeau Mojito Muddler

Mash that mint

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    Trudeau Mojito Muddler

    Muddle that mint and lime!

    Limey, rummy, minty, sweet and crunchy. Everyone loves a good mojito, but that’s exactly where you can come unstuck. Because, despite it being de rigueur on any self-respecting cocktail menu, a truly good mojito is very hard to find.

    So forget those overpriced mocktail bars in town; and invest in your own mojito-making kit, starting with the Trudeau Mojito Muddler. A simple piece of equipment, but essential for a knockout mojito, this clear plastic muddler has a soft-touch plastic top and base.

    Use it to mash together your lime, fresh mint and sugar before adding your ice, rum and soda water (if you must). It’s a great bit of specialised kit for having to hand and a must for any wannabe mixologist.

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