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Trudeau Beer Cap Catcher
  • Trudeau Beer Cap Catcher

Trudeau Beer Cap Catcher

Don’t drop your tops

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    Trudeau Beer Cap Catcher

    Trudeau Beer Cap Catcher

    With its elegant curves, you’d be forgiven for thinking this small plastic carafe is for drizzling oil or serving milk. But look closer and you’ll see this stylish design has far humbler aspirations.

    As its name suggests, the Trudeau Beer Cap Catcher is a clever way to pop the tops off your favourite bottled drinks and catch the caps at the same time. Just tilt the head of your bottle into the gap between the stainless steel opener and the soft black collar and pull. Pop your top and the rubber collar will catch it as it falls, channelling it into the container below.

    The container will hold up to 30 caps before you’ll need to remove the soft-touch rubber base and empty it. It’s a great piece of equipment to have around and, with it’s clear plastic walls, looks better the more of the colourful caps are inside it.

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