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Tron Zero G Light Cycle
  • Tron Zero G Light Cycle

Tron Zero G Light Cycle

Movie tie-in that’ll drive you up the wall!

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    Tron Zero G Light Cycle

    Get ready to de-rez your opponents

    If you’re familiar with ENCOM, Yori and Sark you’re obviously a hardcore Tron nerd. But even if you haven’t seen the original 1982 movie you probably know all about the dazzling CGI world of Tron thanks to the gobsmacking new 3D sequel. And that, dear sci-fi fan, is why we’re leaping aboard the unstoppable Tron bandwagon with these amazing Tron Legacy Zero G Light Cycles.

    Based on the awesomely cool vehicles ridden by a slew of actors in funny neon bodysuits, these gravity-defying machines are capable of zooming up walls and even across ceilings. Yes, really! Apparently it’s down to advanced vacuum technology and massive downforce. Whatever. All we know is these babies suck – in a good way.

    Tron Zero G Light Cycle Tron Zero G Light Cycle Tron Zero G Light Cycle

    (L-R): Clu (Orange) and Sam (Blue)

    Race each other up the wall...

    If the light beams cross,
    one of you is a goner!

    Tron Zero G Light Cycle

    Small but mighty powerful

    Better still, just like the bikes in the movie, Zero G Light Cycles emit trails of light (or ‘jetwalls’) that will cause your opponent’s vehicle to fall off the wall or ceiling if crossed. Incredible! Okay, it’s not as satisfying as watching them ‘de-rez’ into oblivion, but until we find a way of zapping ourselves into our computers it’ll have to do. Besides, it takes considerable skill to avoid a jetwall when you’re driving upside down.

    You control the high-tech action via a stylish twin toggle infra-red transmitter that doubles up as a charging unit for your Light Cycle’s rechargeable battery. It’s even badged up with the iconic Tron logo. Talk about movie tie-in-tastic.

    Tron Zero G Light Cycle

    Charge up with the IR remote

    The only downer is the inevitable neck ache. But who cares about that when you’re performing spins on the ceiling as your enemy eats jetwall and tumbles off the game grid. Making a complete Clu of yourself has never been easier. All you need now is a silly fluorescent helmet and you’re good to go. End of line!
    Tron Zero G Light Cycle


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