Tripod Keyring
  • Tripod Keyring

Tripod Keyring

Say “keys!”

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    folds into a neat little keyring that doesn't take up too much space

    Small and compact keyring

    At the end of a great day out it’s always nice to browse through the photos you’ve taken- the amazing views, the smiling faces, the happy memories... only problem is, if you’ve been behind the camera all day you won’t make an appearance in any of them! Thankfully the Tripod Keyring lets you set up the perfect pictures and put yourself in the frame.

    Far easier than trying to balance your camera on a crumbly wall and more reliable than roping in a passing stranger, this lightweight portable gadget gives you complete control over your snaps. The extendable legs and compact ball head let you adjust the camera to almost any angle, whether it’s the perfect family photo or extreme action shot. Say “cheese”...

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