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Trick or Tater

    Trick or Tater

    Time to jump out of your skins!

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      Trick or Tater

      Fangs a lot, spuddy!

      Who's that spud on the porch that's giving every kid on the block the screaming willies? Mr Potato Head's back, and this time, he's got darker - in fact, he's from the other side altogether. Not content to potter about the vegetable patch with his trademark kooky outfits, he's coming for you this Halloween with a brilliant medley of dastardly disguises. You can forget about leaving a pumpkin on the porch this year - when a tuber gets this weird, no other veggie comes close.

      Trick or Tater

      I ain't afraid of no ghost!

      Operating just the same as his previous incarnations, the Trick or Tater edition comes with several spooky looks that set off your Halloween decorations superbly. How about the Potato Vampire, Count Spudula? Straight from Transylveggia, he'll sink his fangs into any passing baked potato fans. If you're not the vampire type, try the spectral phantasmagoria of the classic white sheet look - the Ghost of Potato Past, perhaps?

      With a pair of petrifying glow-in-the-dark eyes, Mr Potato Head Trick or Tater will loom from the gloom like something from an Edgar Allen Poe-tato story and mash up the minds of his foes. He even comes with his own pumpkin-head basket for trick-or-treating with, though we can't guarantee anyone will be able to stop laughing for long enough to pass him any candy...

      He's the last word in Halloween style this fall, so get hold of your very own were-root this year. When you're getting together all your annual supplies to make this the best Halloween ever, spare a thought for the Trick or Tater Mr Potato Head - the finest, most fearsome root vegetable you'll ever invest in!

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