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      Some balls are held for charity and some for fancy dress, but when they're held for pleasure they're the balls that we like best. And that's precisely why we're always on the lookout for games involving spherical objects. And in Triball we've found one that's so utterly crammed with one-more-go-factor it's taken every scrap of will-power to tear ourselves away and write this description.

      In a nutshell Triball is a three dimensional game where three players take turns dropping coloured balls into the nine columns of a transparent cube. The idea is to get three balls of your colour in a row in any direction (including diagonal lines). Think Connect 4 meets noughts and crosses via a load of balls, add another dimension and you're almost there.

      If all this sounds pretty simple, it is. But then again most classics are. That said there is a considerable amount of strategy involved. Gaining control of the 'middle middle' position is vital and it's important to avoid giving this spot away. And although playing Triball defensively can prevent a particular opponent from winning, it can also cost you the game. (And coming second sucks in any scenario. Just ask Gareth Gates).

      The point is, even though the concept of Triball can be grasped in seconds by boffins and dullards alike, the game is excruciatingly addictive, and once you begin plopping your balls into the game cube it will take wild horses (or maybe the boss) to tear you away.

      Boasting a why-didn't-someone-invent-this-ages-ago? factor that's totally off the scale, Triball ticks all the right boxes in terms of portability, playability and ludicrous addictivility (yes, we just made that word up). But the only way to guarantee that lack of availability doesn't become a possibility is to get ordering immediately. What a fascinating pile of balls!

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