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Clever carry-on

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    Close up of the toys

    Hang your toys, or store them inside

    Long haul flights and coach trips can be a real drag, but having to keep a child happy, fed and entertained at the same time will test anyone’s patience. So spare yourself an in-flight riot and toys all over the cabin; and pack everything they’ll need into the TrayKit.

    This ingenious fold-out backpack can be easily carried as hand-luggage. Once you’re onboard, simply attach it to the seat in front and fold out. It’s like carrying around your own personal bureau; with space for snacks, drinks, pens, pencils, toys, puzzles, books, games, teddies, and more. Not to mention a flat tray-like space to play with it all.

    Outside of girls case

    Pink Polka

    The flat tray has a wall around three sides, preventing anything the children are playing with from spilling onto the floor. So now you won’t have to go scrabbling around under strangers’ seats for lost bouncy balls and rogue hula hoops.

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