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The definition of Smart Casual

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  • A liberating cross between a tuxedo and a tracksuit
  • Highly sophisticated yet unashamedly tacky
  • Elastic waistband and cuffs for supreme comfort
  • Velcro bow tie, zip pockets & classic tuxedo stripe on the trousers
  • You won't have to spend a fortune getting it dry-cleaned
  • Perfect for weddings, festivals, award ceremonies & hip-hop videos


Smart meets casual, business meets pleasure, cultured gentleman meets couch potato, all in one mind-blowing garment – the Traxedo. Whether you're doing lunges in the gym or attending a black-tie dinner, this is the sophisticated and comfortable getup for every occasion.

It's endowed with all the strengths of the classic tux, like the iconic trouser stripe, but it does away with all of the common drawbacks:
  • No need to spend hours learning how to do up a bow-tie, it's pre-tied and attached to the collar with velcro – genius
  • With a supremely relaxed fit and generous elastic waistband, there's no fear of it not fitting you in a years time
  • No buttons to do up, no shirt to come un-tucked, everything you need is printed right there on the zip-up jacket
  • It's made from 100% polyester (hallowed fabric of kings) so you can shove it in the washing machine as opposed to footing a ludicrous dry-cleaning bill
  • The crotch won't explode when you're trying to do squats
From the sofa to the supermarket, the sea side to the skate park – turn everyday moments into suave and dapper affairs with the Traxedo.

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