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Travel Slanket
  • Travel Slanket

Travel Slanket

Cold cabin? Who cares!

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    Travel Slanket

    Also available in Chocolate brown

    Whether you’re driving home for Christmas, cooped up in some sub-zero carriage or shivering your butt off at 35,000ft, travelling can be a surprisingly chilly business. So thank heavens the snuggle-ologists at Slanket have created a travel-friendly version of their gorgeously cosy blanket with sleeves. It even comes in a handy travel bag.

    Just like its big bro, this ultra snuggly 100% polyester blanket features loose sleeves that keep your arms covered whilst allowing you to use your hands. The difference is it’s a few inches shorter, so you can wander along aircraft aisles, Gandalf-style, without tripping headfirst into the steward’s nuts. Or his pretzels. Or his takings from the poor saps who’ve had to pay for extra blankets.

    As well as planes, the lightweight Travel Slanket is ideal for use during icy train and car journeys. Yes, you’ll look a bit freaky when you’re filling up at Newport Pagnell services but at least you’ll feel nice and toastie. Mmm…cosy!

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