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Trash Chic Bin Liners
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Trash Chic Bin Liners

I'm too sexy for this bin

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    Binning rubbish is not something you would normally associate with designer style. Rotting pilchards, old cat food and last night's leftovers, maybe; fashion sensibility and striking design, definitely not.

    Trash Chic Bin Liners

    Bags of brilliance

    But all that is about to change with the introduction of Trash Chic Bin Liners. These ab fab bin bags are guaranteed to give your trash receptacle a smart designer edge as they are adorned with various eye-catching patterns.

    Forget boring black - that's terribly last-season, dahling. Simply slip a Trash Chic Bin Liner in the bin and the dullest item in the kitchen/office is suddenly transformed into an impactful design icon. Well sort of, because the edge of each liner remains visible over the rim of the bin, adding an attractive patterned border - a rubbish fashion accessory, if you will.

    Trash Chic Bin Liners

    The collection

    There are up to 5 different patterns for your rubbish-chucking pleasure, so you can alternate designs to suit your mood. The bin man won't know what's hit him! Better still Trash Chic Bin Liners are so smart you can use them sans bin (and let's face it, regular black bin bags are so unsightly you wouldn't want to leave one lying around, even if it was filled with Kate Moss's mucky potato peelings).

    In fact Trash Chic Bin Liners are so glam it almost seems a shame to fill them with rubbish at all. That's why we've started using ours to store other stuff in: clothes, out-of-favour teddy bears, even extra packs of Trash Chic Bin Liners.

    The perfect gift for style savvy rubbish-chuckers everywhere, these 50x60cm bags will bring a smile to your face every time you throw something in the bin or drag them through the house for collection.

    As self-appointed arbiters of cool, we think Trash Chic Bin Liners are destined to become this season's key kitchen trend, so hurry up and get ordering before everyone decides to treat their trash to a designer finish.

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