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Toy Story Alien Mug
  • Toy Story Alien Mug
  • Toy Story Alien Mug
  • Toy Story Alien Mug
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Toy Story Alien Mug

A stranger… from the outside! Oooo...

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Toy Story Alien Mug
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Love it as much as we do?
  • A perfect replica of those adorable aliens, in collaboration with Pizza Planet
  • Don’t remember them being that wide…
  • Or that gapey, for that matter
  • Aww, look, he’s going ‘oooo’ like in the films!
  • Officially licensed Disney Pixar merch


Just like THE CLAAAWWWW wielded by an unruly child, reach into the darkness of your kitchen cupboard and liberate this adorable alien from its Pizza Planet prison.

Fill this mug up with anything you want - it’s even wide enough to be used as a cereal bowl! Just don’t let Sid get his hands on it or you’ll be dealing with some sort of alien crockery Frankenstein schlomping around your kettle. Nobody wants that.

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