Toy Story 3 Mr Pricklepants
  • Toy Story 3 Mr Pricklepants

Toy Story 3 Mr Pricklepants

He’s a trained actooor

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    Soft and cuddly

    Not a lot of people can get away with Lederhosen. But when you have a stage presence like Mr Pricklepants (he’s classically trained, you know) they don’t even warrant a mention. Such is the power of this minor character in Toy Story 3 that you remember him and not his dubious fashion decisions; long after Woody has scarpered back to Sunnyside.

    And now he can be yours! This officially licensed Toy Story 3 Mr Pricklepants features embroidered details and even comes with a certificate of authenticity. So gather up Dolly and Buttercup and get ready to welcome Andy’s toys to their new home. Bonnie will take good care of them.

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