Toy Story 3 Mr Potato Head
  • Toy Story 3 Mr Potato Head

Toy Story 3 Mr Potato Head

Time for Mr Angry Eyes!

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    recreated from Pixar's animation data, these are highly detailed replicas

    This highly detailed replica has been created using Pixar's own digital data!

    That’s it! Pixar’s toybarn-storming trilogy has come to an end, Andy’s on his way to college and everyone’s favourite CG playthings are in need of a new home. Save them from a fate worse than Sunnyside and give a great, big, Andy’s-room welcome to these incredible Toy Story 3 characters.

    You may have a friend in Woody, but where would you be without a smart-mouthed cynic like Toy Story 3 Mr Potato Head? Always ready to chip in with a snarky comment or less-than-helpful advice, this faithful replica toy has been accurately recreated from Disney/Pixar’s digital data, from his collection of interchangeable parts to his signature phrases.

    Press his button and he’ll talk to you, while wobbling from side to side. Better yet, shout or clap near him and all of his pieces will pop out!

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