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Toy Story 3 Jessie
  • Toy Story 3 Jessie

Toy Story 3 Jessie

It’s you, it’s you, it’s you!

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    This highly detailed replica has been created using Pixar's own digital data!

    That’s it! Pixar’s toybarn-storming trilogy has come to an end, Andy’s on his way to college and everyone’s favourite CG playthings are in need of a new home. Save them from a fate worse than Sunnyside and give a great, big, Andy’s-room welcome to these incredible Toy Story 3 characters!

    It might have taken her until the second movie to burst into the Toy Story saga, but with a hearty yodel and a soft spot space toys, Jessie the cowgirl has fast become a fan favourite. Standing around 36cm tall, this faithfully-reproduced Toy Story 3 Jessie is an immaculate talking replica of her movie counterpart, from her vibrant red woollen hair, down to her faux leather chaps. Disney/Pixar are so proud of their uncanny recreation that she even comes with her own certificate of authenticity.

    certificate of authenticity

    Jessie comes complete with a Certificate of Authenticity

    Just like Sheriff Woody, Jessie’s rag-doll legs won’t support her, so she has a handy stand to keep her upright. Likewise, she also comes with a pull-cord and an array of 33 unique sayings. Talk to her and she’ll even respond, reacting differently depending on your tone of voice. Yeaaaay-haah!

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