Toy Story 3 Buttercup
  • Toy Story 3 Buttercup

Toy Story 3 Buttercup

Ride like the, er... rainbow

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    Soft and cuddly

    That’s it! Pixar’s toybarn-storming trilogy has come to an end. But what’ll become of everyone’s favourite rag-tag band of toys now? Don’t worry – with Andy on his way to college, young Bonnie and her gang of toys (Dolly, Buttercup and Mr Pricklepants) are happy to step in.

    Build your collection of Toy Story characters with the newest addition; Toy Story 3 Buttercup. This soft and cuddly unicorn has embroidered details and comes with his own certificate of authenticity. That’s right, “his”. Well there are such things as boy unicorns, you know. Now you just need Dolly and Mr Pricklepants and you’ve got the whole gang.

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