Toy Story 3 Bucket O Soldiers
  • Toy Story 3 Bucket O Soldiers

Toy Story 3 Bucket O Soldiers

Recon plan Charlie. Execute!

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    Holding a soldier
    That’s it! Pixar’s toybarn-storming trilogy has come to an end, Andy’s on his way to college and everyone’s favourite CG playthings are in need of a new home. Save them from a fate worse than Sunnyside and give a great, big, Andy’s-room welcome to these incredible Toy Story 3 characters!

    Complete with gung-ho graphics, the Toy Story 3 Bucket O Soldiers perfectly recreates Woody’s squad of go-to grunts for all undercover ops. Whether they’re scouting for presents under the Christmas tree or scaring the neighbours, this collection of 72 classic army-men is a must for any toy collection. Using Disney/Pixar’s digital data, the set has been faithfully reproduced and even comes with its own certificate of authenticity. Hoo-ah!

    Line 'em up ready for battle

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