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Touchscreen Ski Gloves
  • Touchscreen Ski Gloves

Touchscreen Ski Gloves

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    Slip the inner glove out

    Thanks to advances in fabric technology we can ski and snowboard in next to nothing these days, despite the freezing conditions. In fact, it’s only when you have to whip your gloves off to answer that important call that you realise quite how nippy it really is.

    In response to this problem, the clever folk at eglove have taken fabric technology one step further to bring you Touchscreen Ski Gloves. Not only are they extremely warm and durable, but they feature eglove’s patented easy access digit system – an inner sleeve sewn into the forefinger and thumb (which you expose through slots in the outer material) makes detailed work like taking photos and doing up zips a doddle. What’s more, the tips of the inner sleeve are coated in a conductive metallic material, allowing touchscreen devices to be used without exposing your bare fingers to the cold. Go on, ring your mum from the top of the mountain!

    Inside and outside

    Inside and outside

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