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Toucan Inflatable Drinks Holder

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Toucan Inflatable Drinks Holder
Love it as much as we do?
  • Float your beverages on the back of a tropical bird
  • Never leave the pool
  • Prevent cocktails from capsizing unnecessarily
  • Holds up to four drinks
  • Designed by purveyors of poolside laziness – SunnyLife
Here’s a float worth a gloat – the Toucan Inflatable Drinks Holder. It's the beaky pool accessory that says "we're not here to swim lengths, we're here to laze about and have a f*cking good time"

No longer do you have to leave the comfort of the lilo to sip your rum and Ting, just bob your beverages on the back of this tropical bird.

How many cans of beer does it hold? Four. So you could call it a Fourcan.



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