Alternative Christmas Gifts
Alternative Christmas Gifts

Tortilla Baby Swaddle Blanket & Knot Hat

Extra guacamole with that?

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  • Wrap up your baby like they're a delicious warm Burrito
  • Comes with a snug little hat to keep their head from getting chilly
  • Looks just like a real tortilla! Only huge, and with a baby inside
  • Pack in some shredded pork and jalapeños for extra warmth
  • No preservatives, no saturated fats and no cholesterol
Tortillas are just an incredible culinary creation. All that precious food wrapped up nice and warm and those rich Mexican odours sealed safely inside. You couldn't ask for a better shaped blanket to roll your baby up in

Rather than being a delicious floury flat-bread, this substantially sized swaddle is crafted from a cosy blend of cotton and polyester and is the perfect snug hug for your happy little baby. Just place them on the tortilla, then wrap them up as you would do a regular Burrito and pop on the included cute knot hat to keep their head from getting chilly.

We'll leave it up to your baby to add any guacamole or re-fried beans for extra insulation.

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