Tornado R/C Stunt Car - 25% off!

    Tornado R/C Stunt Car - 25% off!

    Wheely Flipping Amazing!

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      Toy scientists at a top-secret Chinese research facility have redefined the parameters of remote-control-vehicle based fun with the groundbreaking (and very nippy) Tornado Fighter Stunt Action R/C car!

      Not only can you drive backwards and forwards as with traditional cars, with the Tornado's radical new technology you can strafe sideways, amazing your friends and alarming small dogs.

      Tornado "But how exactly does it work?" we hear you shriek. Pressing one of the shoulder buttons on the controller causes the wheels to fold over, transforming the Tornado into a pseudo-hovercraft, enabling it to glide swiftly and gracefully to the left or right, and that is just for starters!

      Diligent practice will allow you to pull off a dizzying array of previously undreamt-of and massively impressive manouvers. Get your mates to buy one and soon you will be performing stunning synchronised displays worthy of the Red Arrows. Or just smash them into each other at high speed. The only limit is your imagination!

      The Tornado is so much fun that you won't want to stop (we had to rigorously 'evaluate' it and it was all we could do to drag ourselves away and write this review. It's a hard job, but somebody has to do it...).

      The rechargeable battery pack lasts for a respectable 30 minutes, banishing memories of those olden-days RC cars which would run out of juice just as you were getting warmed up. The Tornado is the state of the art in sideways shimmying RC car fun and makes Knight Rider look as hi-tech as an Amish donkey cart.

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