Topeak Air Backpack
  • Topeak Air Backpack

Topeak Air Backpack

Carry your kit on a cushion of air

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    pump close up

    Pump the air through the backpack

    Cycling is hard enough, without your emergency banana constantly jabbing you in the kidneys. Thankfully, there’s now a bag that lets you carry your kit in comfort, in the shape of the Topeak Air Backpack. This ingenious cycling pack has a network of multi-channel air chambers that you can fill with as much (or as little) air as you like, creating a soft and comfortable cushion between you and the contents of your bag

    visible design cushions of air stow away bag

    Sleek design with fluoro stripe detail

    Pump inflates tubes for extra comfort

    Store it away in it's own carry bag

    Depending on the shape or weight of your load, you can adjust the volume of air in the chambers quickly and easily with the built in micropump and release valve. Just give the handy bulb a few squeezes and your load will be lifted safely off your soft bits. Perfect for long rides, or carrying lumpy tools.

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