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Top Trumps

    Top Trumps

    Playground nirvana relived

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      Top Trumps was the undisputed winner of the Loaded World Cup of Games and we can't argue with that.

      For grown-up males of a certain age, Top Trumps were the playground game of choice. Now they're making a grand comeback with all-new subjects, still using the 'one-upmanship' method of play. Choose a statistic on your top card which you think will beat those on other top cards - simple, and very addictive.

      There are lots of different flavours to choose from, across three different ranges covering the World of Top Trumps:
      • Classics - the classic titles.
      • Specials - special editions by public demand.
      • Limited Edition - latest and limited titles.

      Top Trumps Classics

      Dinosaurs Dinosaurs
      Velociraptor, Brachiosaurus and Triceratops all feature.
      Ultimate Military Jets Ultimate Military Jets
      If it's fast, if it's big, if it's fearsome , it's in!
      Predators Predators
      The deadliest, most efficient killing machines of the animal kingdom!
      Sharks Sharks
      Swap information on some of the 420 species of shark.
      Skyscrapers Skyscrapers
      From the luxurious landmarks to historical treasures.
      Space Space
      Galaxies, meteorites, comets, and, of course, planets.
      Super Cars 2 Super Cars 2
      Some of the wildest and wackiest cars in the world.
      The Dog The Dog
      This is man's best friend at his very best.
      Warships Warships
      This is a truly awe-inspiring journey on and beneath the high seas.
      World Football Stars World Football Stars
      30 of the greatest players from all over the World.

      Top Trumps Specials

      Chronicles Of Narnia Chronicles Of Narnia
      Categories include 'Wisdom', 'Cruelty' and 'Magical Powers'.
      DC Super Heroes 1 DC Super Heroes 1
      Batman and The Flash join all new heroes like Aquagirl and Raven.
      Star Wars (Episodes I-III) Star Wars
      (Episodes I-III)

      Will Yoda triumph over Darth Maul in the 'Battle Skills' contest?
      Star Wars (Episodes IV-VI) Star Wars
      (Episodes IV-VI)

      Droids, Bounty Hunters and Jedi Knights go head to head.
      Star Wars Spacecraft Star Wars Spacecraft
      Featuring awesome starships and vehicles from all 6 movies.

      Top Trumps Limited Edition

      Football Legends 1 Football Legends 1
      Celebrated heroes of the pitch.
      Little Britain Little Britain
      Yeah but, no but, yeah but no but...

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