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Top Trumps T-Shirt

    Top Trumps T-Shirt

    The car's the star in this retro-chic champion of T-shirts!

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      Relive those lazy, hazy playground days with the superbly stylish Top Trumps T-shirt. As well as paying chic tribute to the incredibly addictive card game of one-upmanship that swept the nation back in the 70s, each high quality shirt depicts a gloriously retro rustbucket from the halcyon days of British motoring.

      Forget Ferraris and Maseratis, Dagenham-bred workhorses such as the Escort and Capri once dominated our streets and were lusted after by everyone from boy racers and Halford's loiterers to James Hunt wannabes and girls who required a little more oomph in their lives.

      Why, you can almost smell the heady aroma of petrol, vinyl and soggy filler as you ease this smart, cream coloured classic over your head.

      In true Top Trumps tradition, each shirt features a list of fascinating statistics that's sure to catch the eye of anyone who ever played the game or owned the car. We're talking major attention grabber here.

      Of course, Top Trumps the game is still going strong today. In fact, if sales here at Firebox are anything to go by, it will soon regain its rightful position as top executive activity alongside conkers, kiss-chase and smoking behind the bike sheds.

      You've played the game, now buy the T-shirt. (Furry dice not included).

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