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Top This!

Shape shifting brainteaser

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    Top This!

    It will make you tear
    your hair out!

    Working at Firebox frequently involves playing. Yes, we know that sounds like a contradiction in terms but it's true. Of course all this playing is officially referred to as testing, and believe us, we've tested Top This to the max because it's one of the most staggeringly addictive games we've ever seen. Oh, the colors and the shapes!

    Top This is a shape-arranging game that confounds your ability to visualize and match patterns. Which, in layman's terms, means it's designed to drive you completely nuts and take over your life. Help!

    Top This!

    Create two identical shapes... easy!

    Top This!

    Game-Go bag

    The idea is to use the puzzle pieces to recreate the shapes shown on the challenge cards. You do this using either the orange or blue pieces as specified. But that's the easy bit because you must then create an identical shape with the alternative colored pieces and lay it on top of the original, so orange pieces go on top of blue pieces, or vice versa. The parts can be different, but the completed shape must be identical. Get it?

    How to play:

    Top This!

    Pick a card...

    Gather the required pieces...

    Make the shapes
    match up!

    Top This!

    Don't worry the solution is
    on the back!

    It sounds easy (well, sort of) and looks totally innocuous but give it a few goes and you'll be hopelessly hooked. And because you can take the whole shebang wherever you fancy you'll be shape-shifting every waking hour. Aargh! With 40 challenge cards and various difficulty levels, Top This is guaranteed to test your spatial awareness and pattern matching skills like never before. Better still you don't need a doctorate in geometry to start playing. In fact we think Top This has all the makings of an instant classic.

    Top This!

    4 playing levels

    Top This comes complete with 10 blue game pieces, 10 orange game pieces, a drawstring nylon storage bag plus a handy easel to accommodate the 40 challenge cards. We'll even throw in the solutions for all you quitters out there. And if you can resist peeking at them you've got more patience than we have!

    Top This!

    L-R: Game-Go bag, mind challenge cards,
    card holder, blue and orange game pieces

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