Top It - 25% off!

    Top It - 25% off!

    Flip It! Flop It! Top It!

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      From the makers of Bop It Extreme comes another fun-filled game to test your dexterity, coordination and skill - this time with beanbag technology! Can your nervous system deal with the funtertainment which Top It will usher forth?

      Top It in hand Remember those old wooden ball-and-cup games that young urchins used to play with back in the bad old days?
      Well, Top It is the modern-day, technologically-advanced computerised equivalent and is therefore much, much better! Not least because if you mess up you will be amusingly taunted by a tiny and sarcastic American man who lives inside (or maybe it is all done with new-fangled electronics, we didn't actually take it apart to check).

      Top It in hand, againSimply choose from the three game options, load the gaily-coloured beanbag, press the Start button and off you go! Try to keep up with the commands which which will issue forth, in gradual yet inexorably accelerating fashion! We know, that sounds almost like TOO MUCH FUN, but wait, it is even yet still more fantastic when combined with copious quantities of your favourite brain-boggling beverage.

      As if all that weren't impressive enough, the multiplayer option allows you to compete with your friends to see who has what it takes to become the Top It top dog!

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