Top Gun Micro Fighter
  • Top Gun Micro Fighter

Top Gun Micro Fighter

Highway to the danger zone

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    Top Gun Fighter Plane

    Twin engines deliver
    massive thrust

    Wasn't Top Gun a great movie? Tom Cruise, a few Kenny Loggins songs, and a load of screaming military jets. What more could you ask for? It's a no brainer. Literally. We even cried when Goose quacked. In fact we were so affected by this seminal 80s movie we've long harboured ambitions to fly a fighter jet. And thanks to the Top Gun MicroFighter, we're doing exactly that on a daily basis. And so can you. Woo-hoo!*

    Top Gun Fighter Plane

    Remote controlled

    Based on an F-22 Raptor (today's equivalent of the F-14 Tomcat), this titchy but highly advanced little R/C aircraft is fully licensed by the Top Gun gang and it allows you to re-enact all your favourite moments from the mucho-macho movie. (Apart from getting off with Kelly McGillis, that is).

    Top Gun Fighter Plane

    Based on an F-22 Raptor

    Featuring advanced digital throttle and directional control, the blink-and-you'll-miss-it, dual-channel MicroFighter is capable of performing all kinds of outrageous jet fighter-style stunts. Like, awesome!

    Top Gun Fighter Plane


    Top Gun Fighter Plane

    Re-enact all your favourite moments from the film

    Twin engines deliver massive thrust and a removable landing gear even lets you take-off and land without a helping hand. Which is just as well because you'll need a spare hand to high-five the park keeper as your winged wonder screams through the skies.

    Although it's even smaller than Tom Cruise, this is a plane for experienced pilots and you'll have to clock up quite a few air miles before you reach Iceman levels of expertise. But that shouldn't be too difficult because a 30 minute charge from the transmitter/charger will give flights of around 10 minutes. What's more there are two flying modes, Easy and Pro, so you can crank things up as and when.

    Top Gun Fighter Plane


    Apart from enrolling in an elite military flying school, we can think of no better way to experience the pant-wetting thrill of piloting a supersonic fighter jet. So slip on your flight suit and get ordering. But don't dilly dally because in the words of Maverick, 'If you think, you're dead'.

    *That's a Maverick 'woo-hoo!', not a Homer Simpson one).

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