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Top Drags
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Think you know your drag queens? Prove it!
  • 100% unofficial Top Trumps style game featuring your favourite queens
  • Rob the players of their other cards to be crowned queen
  • Warning: may lead to heated Drag Race debates
  • Don’t drag your feet, this game is a bestseller!


Think you know your Trixie Mattel from your Alexis Matteo? Put your money where your mouth is and your alleged knowledge to the test with Top Drags.

Battle your favourite drag queens against each other in this fierce Top Trumps style game. Read out a category - for example, ‘Charisma: 10’ - then the other players will read out their equivalent score. If yours is the highest, you get their cards. You win when you’re left holding all the cards. Of course the four categories are Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent, what did you expect from drag queen Top Trumps?!

There may well be a few disputes amongst you and your fellow squirrel sisters, given that these category ratings are subjective. Try not to scratch your best friend’s eyes out just because he doesn’t think Bianca Del Rio deserves a 10 for Talent.

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