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Tooth Tunes

Brush 'n' roll!

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    Tooth Tunes

    'We will, we will, ROCK YOU'

    Brushing your teeth is boring, isn't it? But, unless you want a set of gnashers like Shane MacGowan, it's something you should do at least twice a day, every day. So wouldn't it be great if there was a toothbrush that provided some kind of entertainment whilst you brush? Well now there is and it's called Tooth Tunes.

    Tooth Tunes

    'I'm a survivor,
    I'm gonna work harder'

    Ideal for reluctant brushers of all ages (and that means you, kids!) this brilliant battery-powered toothbrush actually transmits hit music into your head as you brush. No really! Soundwaves stream through the bristles and travel through your jawbone to your inner ear where the music reverberates in your head. Incredible! Simply press the button and begin brushing.

    Tooth Tunes

    On/Off button

    Thanks to amazing bone-conduction technology, Tooth Tunes can only be properly heard in the brusher's head. It's like having a band embedded in your skull. And if you fancy pumping up the volume simply increase your brushing pressure. Brush well and you'll get a truly great sound. Talk about being unable to get a tune out of your head!

    Tooth Tunes


    100% safe, each Tooth Tunes brush contains a single chip of music in the handle - and what music! We're not talking nursery rhymes or dull supermarket muzak; we're talking proper classics by megastars such as the Black-Eyed Peas, Queen and Destiny's Child. It really is the ideal way to start and finish the day, no matter how old you are (although why there's nothing by Motorhead is beyond us).

    The ditties in the brush play for two minutes, the minimum time generally recommended by dentists to provide a thorough brushing. This means you can time brushing sessions using the music pulsating through your noggin.

    Tooth Tunes

    Hannah Montana
    'Rock Star'

    High School Musical 2
    'What Time Is It'

    'We Will Rock You'

    Black Eyed Peas
    'Let's Get It Started'

    Armed with a Tooth Tunes brush, cleaning your peggy-wegs will never be the same again. So get ordering and be a proper loudmouth with some bone-shaking brush 'n' roll!

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