Cool Mother's Day Gifts 2018

Tool Pen

A total tool

Product not available at the moment.
  • This unfathomably elegant multi-tool is here to save the day
  • Looks like a pen, works like a screwdriver
  • Houses your choice of six bits from a 13-piece screwdriver + hex set
  • Weighs the same as a breadstick
  • Like holding a sleek pen
  • Inspired by the wondrous Pop-A-Point pens of our childhood
This dashing 'Pop-A-Point' style multi-tool pen has been hailed the most innovative, handsome and convenient-to-carry multi-tool. Oh, no big deal.

Looks like a pen, works like a screwdriver and is as light as a breadstick. It's a bit like magic.

See something that needs a ruddy good fixing? Simply slip out this slinky little number, whack off the magnetic safety cap and load the correct tool for your mission.

Not only is this exceptionally portable 13-bit set the ultimate all-in-one solution, not to mention a particularly handy hark back to a childhood fave.

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