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Tool Logic Wine Companion

    Tool Logic Wine Companion

    For the sophisticated and the sozzled

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      There are, it seems, endless tools and whatnots involved in the preparation of alcoholic drinks. Only the humble can of beer and dirt-cheap wine come supplied with everything you need to open and drink its contents – a ring pull and a screw top respectively.

      But man cannot live on Tetley and £1.99 Lambrusco alone (although a significant number have given it a damn good shot). Which is where the Tool Logic Wine Companion scores highly with an all-encompassing imbibers tool kit concealed in a tough, black, credit card sized case. Every item is made from top-quality stainless steel, yet the whole thing comes in at under 60g.

      The corkscrew is the old-fashioned kind that isn’t always easy to use, but having a second one around the place is always useful. The bottle opener works remarkably well for its size, as does the knife, and the other things – cocktail stirrer, fork (for olives, fruit and other drink bits) and foil cutter (for wine bottles) – you’re unlikely to have. Which makes this particular multi-tool a drinks cupboard Godsend.

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