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Tool Logic Small Wonder

    Tool Logic Small Wonder

    Tiny tool technology

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      Okay, so you've seen an all-in-one miniature tool kit affair before. Of course you have. Firebox even sells a couple of the little multitaskers. But this one is just about the smallest one in existence with pieces and parts that can be operated by adult human fingers. It also happens to be a surprisingly useful product.

      The packaging claims nine functions, but that's milking it just a little. One of those functions is the hole for the key ring (supplied) and another is the hole that holds the 'barrel' of the double-ended screwdriver bit. The blade is also given three functions, which is true - at a push. Essentially, the blade operates in two positions, one of which is a tremendous box opener that slices with ease through card, tape and that annoying blue plastic banding. The other position allows you to cut paper, to score and to scratch.

      Having a screwdriver so small that actually works is a Godsend – both flat-head and Phillips are catered for with the nifty screwdriver bit that fits into the body of the Small Wonder, so that you can get some purchase. It's perfect for small electrical goods, glasses, toys and other tiny gewgaws that may need fiddling with. The pen works (it too fits back into the main section, for a 'normal' writing grip) and there's a small LED light, which, although not quite reaching torch status, will still illuminate a lock in the dark.

      In short – and the Small Wonder is definitely short – this is a mini multi-tool with features you are likely to have need for; one which you can conceal about your person without being obvious about it; and one which you can have on your keys and not have your pockets weighed down by half a ton of reinforced plastic and drill bits. Job done.

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