Tomy Survivor

    Tomy Survivor

    Over ‘ere son…on me ‘ead!

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      We all know how your average gun-related game walks the tightrope between harmless, rip-roaring fun and politically incorrect Derren Brown-style silliness. That's why we've been searching for a rootin' tootin' shootin' game that conforms to the Firebox ethos of good, clean fun with a whopping great twist of weird but wonderful originality. And hot diggity doo, we've found one! Presenting the insanely addictive Tomy Survivor Shot Revolver!

      The Tomy Survivor Shot Revolver Set is a completely revamped, ultra hi-tech version of laser tag – with a difference. Each revolver-style gun simulates a real 10-bullet shooter. After 10 shots the reload lever needs to be pulled back before it reactivates, so you can live out your Tarantino-esque fantasies and recreate your favourite scenes from Reservoir Dogs or do your finest Dirty Harry impression. Feeling lucky, punk? But here comes the really good bit – the optical sensor receivers are worn on headbands, so only a headshot will do!

      When hit, the sensor vibrates and, to quote a Japanese reviewer, "gives the feeling of being shot." And here's us thinking being shot in the head was excruciatingly painful/likely to cause instantaneous death. Then again, we donÂ’t know many people who've lived to tell the tale. In fact, we don't know any! But that's beside the point, as getting a serious buzz in the cranium is infinitely more entertaining than having some crummy flashing light go off. Best of all, the sensors can be hit from all angles and from as far away as 15 metres.

      This particular pack contains two weapons and two sensor headsets, but for a real shoot 'em up, up to ten players can get involved in the action. All in all, larking around with the Survivor Shot Revolver Set represents the most fun you can have outside the paintball park, and we guarantee you'll be unable to resist delivering those all-important headshots without muttering movie quotes in a ham-fisted American accent: "And I will strike down with great vengeanceÂ…"

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