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Tommy 20
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Tommy 20


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    Here at the Firebox armoury of pretend weapons we like to think we've got it covered in terms of high-tech hand cannons. But then someone mentioned bootlegging and we realised we'd neglected all you make-believe mobsters out there. Because in order to achieve that genuine Prohibition-era vibe you need to be packing heat in the shape of a rata-tat-tastic, Roaring Twenties-style Tommy gun.

    Tommy 20

    Tommy 20

    Loads 20 bullets!

    And that, dear wiseguys, is where the Tommy 20 comes in. This fantastically amusing foam dart-firing weapon is modelled on the legendary submachine gun (or 'Chicago Typewriter') made famous by mobsters, federal agents and, er, the Ant Hill Mob off Wacky Races.

    Okay, so this particular model is made of bright yellow plastic and it looks a bit like something Roger Rabbit might use to shoot up Toontown, but the spectacularly infantile Tommy 20 works just like the original. Sort of..

    Tommy 20

    Comes with 20 Sucker Bullets!

    Featuring a classic drum-style revolving magazine that allows you to fire 20 harmless sucker-style slugs in rapid succession, the battery-powered Tommy 20 is perfect for shooting from the hip, James Cagney-style, and taking out annoying co-workers accidentally-on-purpose. Its brisk barrages are practically impossible to avoid.

    Tommy 20

    In fact, once you're packing a Tommy 20 it's easy to get carried away; why just the other day some wiseguys tried to muscle in on our hush-hush tea and biscuits racket down at the Firebox speakeasy (well okay, the staff canteen), so we made Swiss cheese of 'em in a hail of rubbery darts. Fantasy scenarios aside, we would never advocate using the Tommy 20 for inter-office shootouts - this weapon is for firing at inanimate objects only (we stated, whilst rolling our eyes and whistling). So what are you dumdums waiting for? Last one to order is a doity rat!

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