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Toffee Scorpion
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Toffee Scorpion

Open up and say... aargh!

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    Thanks to shows such as I'm a Celeb and Fear Factor, eating weird and wonderful creatures is now seen as standard practice in this land of meat and two veg. But there's a big difference between watching it on the telly and actually doing it. Because unless you're a desperate Z-lister or a tramp who's fallen asleep in the bughouse down the zoo, the chances of actually sampling one of these creepily exotic delicacies are pretty remote.

    And that's where Scorpion Toffee comes in. As the name suggests this toffee-flavoured slab of candy contains one of nature's most ancient and feared predators. No, not Peter Stringfellow; a genuine Chinese scorpion that is 100% edible, tail 'n' all!

    Toffee Scorpion Just imagine the look on friends' faces when you start sucking on this tasty bar of critter-filled candy. They may well scoff at your foolish bravado but one man's meat is another man's eight-legged invertebrate arachnid. The point being, what some consider malicious, others consider delicious. In fact, our testers here at Firebox HQ have reported that the scorpion tastes a bit like a walnut. And although toffee-liciously sweet, the surrounding candy is actually sugar-free.

    Toffee Scorpion If you're worried about piffling things like death and venom, don't be; because although we'd love to say this candy has a sting in its tail, each scorpion has been specially bred for human consumption and heat treated to remove toxins, making them 100% safe to swallow. Mmm...segmented scorpion tail.

    Toffee Scorpion In fact, far from being harmful the Chinese scorpion is said to be a potent aphrodisiac when eaten. We're not saying you're going to get lucky if you slurp on Scorpion Toffee all day, but you will get plenty of looks because this golden translucent candy looks just like a piece of ancient amber. With a dead scorpion inside. Not something you see every day! Presented in its very own smart little box, Scorpion Toffee is an ideal gift for exotic sweetie-lovers and fans of critter-filled confectionery everywhere. Suck it and see!

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