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Todd's Concoctions

Taste the redneck rainbow

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  • Choose from 6 amazing flavours
  • Hot Sauces, BBQ Sauces, Ketchups and Relishes
  • Beautifully packaged and presented
  • Intriguing ingredients and fantastic flavours


Take a seat friend, and let me tell you the tale of Todd. A man who constantly searched for more flavour, a man with incredible sauce-making skills, a man who would become a legend.

Todd wasn’t content to simply live out his days in an isolated shack in the hills, surrounded by well-trained racoons and surviving on boring, flavourless food. No sir. Todd wanted more from life, Todd wanted to taste the redneck rainbow.

Of course being a hillbilly culinary genius, his access to ‘traditional’ ingredients was limited, so he turned to such staples as moonshine, tobacco, root beer, leather and even squid ink (purloined from a passing trader).

Ideal for seasoning, smothering and serving, it is with great pride we present his latest range of seriously inspired sauces. These are Todd’s Concoctions.
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