• Tocky


Wake me up before you scarper

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    Watch a demo of the Tocky in action!


    Tick Tocky ready to rock!

    Are you incapable of getting out of bed without a bit of comical coercion? Do you regularly abuse the snooze? Then you need Tocky, the bonkers alarm clock that scurries away and hides when its customisable alarm sounds. Aargh!

    Record your own alarm sound Using the touchscreen controls The Tocky in action rolling off the table

    Upload an MP3 or
    record your own message

    Use touchscreen controls
    to set the alarm

    Try and catch Tocky in the morning!

    The speaker

    Microphone and speaker

    This pimped-up update of the similarly irksome Clocky is perfect for tech-loving lazybones as you can use its onboard mic to record your own wake-up messages or upload rousing MP3s via USB. What’s more it features a touch-sensitive function dial and durable silicone casing. Which is just as well because it’s capable of leaping from 3ft. Bedside tables? Bah!

    The silicone casing

    Silicone casing

    Believe us, you’ve not lived until you’ve chased a compact ball of circuitry round the bedroom in your knickers as it blasts out the Benny Hill theme tune. And trying to shut Tocky up when it’s playing a wakey wakey message from your mum is downright disconcerting. Especially when you’re a 37-year-old company director. Zzzzz…aargh!

    USB cable

    USB included: upload MP3s

    More detail and specification