Toasted Scorpions
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Toasted Scorpions


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    In terms of unusual snacks, the Brits aren’t exactly pushing boundaries, with the most daring delicacy being that 15 year old pickled onion or a bag of crisps. But the cultural cuisine crusaders at Firebox have been cooking up something special.

    Chips are for chumps, and peanuts are for... people who like peanuts, but if you’re not eating a carefully detoxified and lightly toasted arachnid, it’s time you get with the program. Delicious and nutritious, these Toasted Scorpions are the intriguing alternative to your normal nibbles.

    You don’t even need to brave the night markets of Beijing to get your fix of high protein creepy crawlies, as these have been farm raised and packaged ready for you.

    Snap some up now.
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